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What does my ticket pay for?
Our guests will leave with many little trinkets and gifts, including a stunning piece of jewelry, which all help commemorate the evening and remind them in tangible ways about the love the Father lavishes on them. Dinner is included in the cost. Our research after previous banquets indicated that people felt this entry fee was fair and worthwhile. 

What if the cost to attend is a problem?
D.O.L.L.S. has worked diligently to keep the cost of this event at a minimum for the girls who want to attend. Sadly, families across the metroplex have been deeply hurt financially over the past year and many girls will be hard-pressed for the event cost.  If you know of any girls who may have financial concerns that would prevent them from attending this event, please contact us on their behalf and we will line them up with a scholarship. Money should NEVER prevent a girl from joining us for this special event! We will get in touch with scholarship recipients personally and inform them that an anonymous gift was made on their behalf in order that they could attend. 

How do I purchase a ticket?
Guests can claim their ticket online at http://betrothalbanquet.eventbrite.com. You will have the option to pay for your ticket online using a credit card or you can mail your payment to DOLLS Headquarters at 1105 E. Main Street #217, Allen, TX 75002. *Please note that your RSVP will not be processed until your payment has been received. 

Who is invited to attend Banquet?
Girls from all D.O.L.L.S. Chapters in the North Dallas area are invited to attend, plus girls from other area schools that will be starting a DOLLS Chapter on their campus next school year!

What should we wear?
A tradition within this event is for our guests to come dressed in all-white attire. This is done to symbolize the pure righteousness we have been washed with by the blood of Christ. Guests are invited to wear white sundresses, white blouses, white pants, etc. Check out some sample dresses here: 

Will dinner be served during the banquet?
Dinner will be served for those students attending. Moms are asked to eat prior to the event as time won't allow our volunteers an opportunity to eat. 

What time is the banquet?
The banquet will last from 5:30pm-9:00pm. 

Can my mom volunteer?
Absolutely! In fact, having our moms present to play a role in the emotional ceremony is one of the things that makes this event so impactful. In order to pull off this event, we are in need of a large group of faithful mothers and volunteers who would be willing to give of their time.  If your mom would be interested in playing a role in our celebration, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at AngelaFortney@DOLLSHeadquarters.com.  

There are several roles for which we will need volunteers:
   - Banquet Decorations Crew
   - Help with ceremony
   - Clean up and truck loading

DOLLS Headquarters will be in touch with the volunteers the week prior to the event with specifics about each need.  Our volunteers working during the ceremony are asked to wear white and our setup/cleanup volunteers are free to wear comfortable clothing. Thank you in advance for your willingness to serve!

What will mom volunteers do during the ceremony?
A special element of our ceremony is the girls’ procession into the banquet hall. Our moms serve the important role of escorting our girls, by way of candle light, from the entrance to their assigned tables. Moms are encouraged to escort their own daughter into the ceremony. This will make for a very special memory between mom and daughter. Our moms will also play a part in assisting our guest speaker with a visual element involved with the devotional. During our celebration dance we will need moms to serve punch, cut cake, and keep food tables well stocked. 

Can my dad, brother, or younger sister attend?
We ask that this event be attended by active DOLLS members and their mothers only to best lend the evening to our theme of being the daughters and brides of Christ. 

Does my mom need to purchase a ticket?
Moms and volunteers need not purchase a ticket. 

My mom isn’t available to attend. Is there any way she can still help?
Yes! We will have 100 girls per banquet to provide refreshments for during each event. We could desperately use the help of our moms and volunteers to provide food. If you know someone interested in helping, please refer them to our Volunteer Coordinator at AngelaFortney@dollsheadquarters.com. Some ideas might include: chocolate covered strawberries, brownies, cookies, fruit trays, veggie trays, cheese & cracker trays, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Banquet: