DOLLS Ambassadors

In order for DOLLS to run effectively, the support of a large team of faithful volunteers that help DOLLS Headquarters behind the scenes is needed. One of these teams of leaders is known as our DOLLS Ambassadors.

Ambassadors are high school aged students who are interested in serving the ministry to a greater capacity, in addition to their involvement as members within one of our active chapters. These are girls who providentially understand the big picture of the DOLLS ministry and volunteer their time to serve the larger-purposes of the organization at our corporate headquarters in Allen, TX. Our Ambassadors work diligently with the HQ staff throughout the year to recruit new schools to start chapters, to plan and host HQ sponsored events, to interview officer candidates, and to assist with the clerical business of the nonprofit. Through their service with the corporate headquarters of DOLLS, these girls are gaining valuable experience working intimately with a professional 501(c)(3) nonprofit business, earning community service hours, and being personally mentored by a team of spiritually astute ministry leaders.

The commitment level on an Ambassador is less cumbersome than a traditional leadership role with DOLLS and is therefore ideal for the student whose current commitments require a bit more flexibility. As opportunities to serve arise, Ambassadors receive notification of the ministry-need and have the option of accepting or declining on a case-by-case basis. For example, our Ambassadors are invited to assist DOLLS Headquarters each August to host our 5 Main Training Conference. If an Ambassador can participate, great! But, if they can’t, that is fine too! There is no attendance policy for Ambassadors, so it is truly just a matter of doing whatever fits within their schedule. Girls who have served as our Ambassadors in years past have really appreciated the ability to have a leadership position within DOLLS without the tremendous commitment that a position like our other positions carry.

We accept applications for our Ambassador positions every year from June 1 – June 30. We are looking for girls who love Jesus, love DOLLS, and believe in the calling God has put on this ministry to reach teenage girls for Christ across the nation. Ambassadors need to be extremely familiar with how the ministry operates, have the ability to recognize leadership potential, and have extremely enthusiastic and inviting personalities. If you would like to apply, please review the criteria below to ensure you qualify, then complete the form below to request that an application be sent to you and your parents.


Ambassadors must be:

  • Nominated by someone already affiliated with leaders within the ministry.
  • A currently enrolled student between 14-18 years of age in grades 9-12.
  • Actively involved in the DOLLS chapter on their campus. (if applicable).
  • Proficient with Facebook and email.
  • Available for Ambassador meetings, with the Chapter Director(s), periodically.
  • In full theological agreement with the DOLLS Statement of Beliefs.
  • Parental consent is required for anyone under the age of 18.


Ambassadors serve for the term length of one full year, beginning in June through the end of May the following year. Students must reapply annually if they wish to serve consecutive years.


Ambassadors are selected by a team of Headquarters staff. Applicants must submit a completed Ambassador Application to corporate headquarters before June 30th, and schedule a phone interview with an HQ representative. Ambassador teams are finalized by July 1st of each calendar year.


Newly selected Ambassadors will take part in a 2-hour training workshop to mark the start of their year of ministry. During this workshop, Ambassadors will meet with our Chapter Director(s) to hear the vision and direction our ministry will be taking over the next year. The aim of this workshop is to make our Ambassadors properly equipped to represent the ministry as the ‘face of DOLLS.” This training is available on three different dates throughout the summer months, and Ambassadors need only attend one of these workshops.


By signing up to serve as an Ambassador, you will help with the following endeavors:

  • Helping us further the reach of DOLLS into additional schools.
  • Assisting in the recruitment of Start-Up Captains.
  • Serving as guest speakers during DOLLS Preview meetings at new Start-Up campuses.
  • Serving on Election panels during the interviews of new officer candidates.
  • Helping DOLLS HQ as the behind-the-scenes crew during the various functions we host year-round including 5 Main Conference and Boot Camp.
  • Encouraging our 5 Main officers throughout the year.
  • Assisting HQ with Clerical work.
  • And much more…


Ambassador Application Request!

Fill in your information and submit to receive our official ambassador application via email!