Big Sis Program

The Big Sis Program is a new area of ministry within DOLLS Headquarters that will be working directly with the 5 Main on each campus. Big Sisters will report to the Chapter Director, Andrea Taylor. They will seek to build on our ministry’s continued success by mentoring and coaching the 5 Main within their assigned chapter. Likewise, they will work to improve the communication between Headquarters and officers. Big Sisters will develop close relationships with their assigned 5 Main and seek to support and encourage them during their year of leadership. Big Sisters should have a heart for ministry and mentorship. They should have a strong desire to utilize their past experiences to pour into the hearts of young Christian leaders.


• Serve as a positive role model and friend to your officers
• Build relationships by planning and participating in events
• Offer advice and guidance to your officers
• Encourage officers in their own spiritual growth
• Assist your officers as problems arise
• Assist in mediating issues within the chapter
• Provide a Biblical perspective to ministry issues

• Keep in good communication with the Chapter Director
• Check your email on a regular basis
• Respond to emails from officers and/or the Chapter Director in a timely manner
• Call/text your officers periodically
• “Friend” officers on social media
• Assist in monitoring your officers social media accounts
• Report any and all concerns to the Chapter Director


• Willingness and ability to make a long term commitment to mentoring (June to June)
•Strong verbal and written communication skills

• Willingness to sign and abide by the Big Sister Constitution
• Ability to Pass a background check
• Ability to speak in front of people
• Experience mentoring younger students
• Knowledge of how a DOLLS Chapter is run or a willingness to learn about it.
• Good decision making skills
• A demonstrable Biblical knowledge and World View

Candidate Requirements

• Must regularly attend a local church
•Must be a high school graduate and currently attend a community college or university

• Must maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher
• Must provide your own reliable transportation, auto insurance, and have a good driving record

Time Commitment

• Ability to devote at least 5-8 hours per month to the position through the following functions:
– Attend one 5 Main meeting per month
– Attend one All-Member meeting per month
– Attend one event during Fall Semester and one event during Spring Semester
– Attend at least one HQ event per semester
– Attend at least one HQ meeting per semester
– Attend the bi-monthly Big Sister planning meeting once a month
• Attendance at 5 Main Conference is strongly encouraged and appreciated (August 1-4)

Big Sister Constitution

View the Full Big Sis Constitution