Preparing for Your Interview

Thank you for showing interest in serving our Lord in a leadership position as one of our 5 Main officers! Now that you have completed Part A & B of your application, your third and final step will be to schedule a face-to-face interview!

  1. Use the links below to claim an interview time slot on a date that works best with your schedule.
  2. Print & complete Part B of your application.
  3. Bring Part B to submit upon arrival at your interview. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Gale Carter from DOLLS HQ at 281-732-9919 and/or





FAQ’s of Interviewing

Who will I be interviewing in front of?

You will interview with a panel of 3-5 ladies who represent the DOLLS ministry. This panel will consist of both adults and peers your own age. Everyone is really sweet and we know you’re going to love ‘em!


Do I need to bring anything to my interview?

Plan on bringing Part B of your 5 Main Application to your interview. 


Can I bring someone to my interview?

We understand that interviewing can be a nerve-racking experience. If it will help ease some of your anxieties to have a parent present for your interview, please feel free to invite them. Some girls who choose to bring their parents ask them to sit at another table so they can have a little privacy during their interview, as sometimes having a parent present can make the situation even more intimidating. If a parent chooses to sit in on an interview, we ask that the parent refrains from contributing to the conversation completely. We ask that you avoid bringing friends or siblings. They are welcome to sit nearby, but by no means are friends and siblings permitted to sit in on your interview.


Do I have to interview in person?

Yes, we insist that interviews happen in person. It is important for us to meet face-to-face with all of our applicants. Ninety-three percent of communication is non-verbal. Holding a phone interview or communicating through email only allows us a chance to experience the 7% of you that is verbal. It is imperative that we give you a chance to express all 100% of yourself to our interview panel. We believe that if DOLLS is important to an applicant, they will do everything in their power to be present for an interview.

What if I am unavailable to interview on one of the dates that DOLLS is in my area?

DOLLS Headquarters has several possible interview dates at locations across the Metroplex. If you are unable to interview on a date that we are local to you, feel free to schedule an interview on any of our dates. Interviews are not necessarily reserved for girls local to those regions. If you are willing to drive a little to meet us, we are more than happy to schedule you for an interview!


When will I find out the results of the elections?

We will contact all applicants on Friday, May 31st with results. We will let each applicant know either way whether or not they are being offered a position. Not everyone is guaranteed a position. DOLLS will prayerfully consider the best combination of five individuals to serve your campus.