She Brings the DOLLS Experience

Our New-Chapter Visionaries

The Start-Up Captains are the two leaders who serve as the driving force behind the initiation of a new DOLLS chapter on a school campus. In order for a religious club to have the right to meet on a public school campus, the club must be student-initiated and student-led. Start-Up Captains are the “initiators” spearheading the launch of a new chapter.

We are looking for girls who are hungry to reach their peers with the Word of God. If you have a heart to share the joy you have found in Christ with those around you, you are a perfect candidate to start a DOLLS chapter on your campus!



Girls from grades 7-12 may express and interest in serving as the Start-Up Captains. Start-Up Captains must be currently enrolled on the campus they wish to start the DOLLS chapter. Start-Up Captains must also be striving to live a life above reproach according to the standards documented within the DOLLS Leaders Constitution and willing to commit to being held accountable to these ethical standards.


The goal of a Start-Up Captain is to use the current school to fulfill all the necessary steps required to make DOLLS on your campus a reality. This includes 1) Surveying your campus for interest, 2) Finding a teacher to be your campus Advisor, 3) Recruiting If our Start-Up Captains are successfully able to launch a DOLLS chapter on their campus, their status will formally be changed to that of “Founders.” To be forever recognized as the “Founders” of a DOLLS chapter is a high honor. Girls from generations down the line are grateful for the hard work and dedication of the founders who initiated DOLLS on their campus and made it possible for them to enjoy the love of Jesus Christ in fellowship with other like-minded sisters.


Thinking about becoming a Start-Up Captain?

If you think you might be interested in serving as a Start-Up Captain for your campus, your first step is to fill out the form below to request an Interest Meeting. This low-pressure, no-obligation coffee date is our chance to share the DOLLS vision with you and your partner so you can best determine whether the two of you are the right fit to serves Captains.

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