DOLLS depends on the support of donors to carry on our mission and your non-cash donation items can help!

Through our partnership with iDonate, you can transform your old cars, cell phones, or other items into ministry impact. Thank you for leveraging your assets for a kingdom purpose through DOLLS!

Many people have accumulated various assets and treasures over their lifetimes that they no longer need for themselves. Those non-cash assets can be very valuable to Daughters of Our Living Lord & Savior because they can provide significant financial support for the work of our ministry. Items of value can be donated. The process is easy thanks to our partnership with iDonate!

You provide a description of the items, iDonate will handle the sale on DOLLS’ behalf, and you will receive a receipt for your contribution. Your donation goes straight to Daughters of Our Living Lord & Savior to advance our mission of bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to teens on public school campuses.

There are lots of things you can give to help our ministry apart from cash.

Examples of non-cash donations include:

Computers, Laptops, Tablets
MP3 Players, Stereo Equipment
Cell Phones
Office Equipment
Cars, Boats, or Motorcycles
Tools and Building Supplies
Video Game Consoles
Hobby Equipment
Gift Cards
Musical Instruments
Raw Materials/Commodities
Precious Metals
Excess Inventory
Flat Screen Televisions

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