DOLLS Leadership

DOLLS is a ministry led by some of the most faithful, God-fearing women you will ever meet. Guided by our values, these committed leadership teams provide vision and oversight to their various areas of influence during the course of the school year. DOLLS is so grateful for the sacrificial spirit with which these women serve!

Dolls Headquarters

The corporate headquarters of our ministry is led by a team of adult volunteers that serve together as our Executive Ministry Team. This team works tirelessly year-round to maintain the day-to-day operations of our organization.

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Start-Up Captains

The Start-Up Captain is the girl who serves as the driving force behind the initiation of a DOLLS chapter on a new school campus. All it takes is one girl from a campus to step up to start a revolution that could last for generations to come. In order for a religious club to have the right to meet on a public school campus, the club must be student-initiated and student-led.

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The 5 Main

Each chapter of DOLLS is led by a group of five student officers, affectionately known as our “5 Main.” These officers work tirelessly throughout the school year, hosting weekly gatherings where the goal is to create a warm, inviting environment for their peers to be introduced to the saving Grace offered through Jesus Christ. The 5 Main organize these meetings to include a time for worship, a devotional from God’s Word, prayer, and discussion about ministry business. Through the ministry of these 5 Main officers, teenage girls are being invited to know God intimately and to initiate a fruitful relationship with Him.

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In order for DOLLS to run effectively, the support of a team of faithful student volunteers is needed to help DOLLS Headquarters manage the day-to-day operations behind the scenes. The Ambassadors serve as a corporate officer team that assists with such duties as hosting corporate events, assisting with clerical work, and representing the ministry as the “face of DOLLS” at networking events.

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Other Leadership

Big Sis

The Big Sis Program is a new area of ministry within DOLLS Headquarters that will be working directly with the 5 Main on each campus. Big Sisters will report to the Chapter Director, Andrea Taylor. They will seek to build on our ministry’s continued success by mentoring and coaching the 5 Main within their assigned chapter. Likewise, they will work to improve the communication between Headquarters and officers. Big Sisters will develop close relationships with their assigned 5 Main and seek to support and encourage them during their year of leadership. Big Sisters should have a heart for ministry and mentorship. They should have a strong desire to utilize their past experiences to pour into the hearts of young Christian leaders.

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Chapter Sponsors

While DOLLS is in no way affiliated with the school districts in which we exist, because we utilize campus facilities and resources, districts may require that one or more of their hired campus personnel act as a sponsor to our organization. Such custodial supervision does not represent the endorsement of the group by the school or by the teacher. It is common for insurance purposes, or because of state law or local school policy, that teachers or other school employees are required to be present during student activities.

The sponsor’s primary duty is to act as the liaison between DOLLS and the district in an effort to maintain favorable relationships between ourselves and the school districts.

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