Legacy Counselors are college-aged young women who have–at one point during their high school years–served as a 5 Main themselves. These women now return back to our ministry each summer to impart their wisdom and experience to the next generation of DOLLS officers.

Each 5 Main team is assigned a Legacy Counselor who serves as their mentor and guide throughout the summer months. Having the influence, counsel, and wisdom of these veterans who have already walked-a-mile-in-their-shoes goes a long way toward helping our officers feel fully equipped to run their ministries on their own once the school year begins.



Legacy Counselors are committed to serving our ministry beginning June 1st through the final day of 5 Main Conference. During these summer months, LC’s assist with Conference prep and meet with their 5 Main. Our Legacy Counselors work diligently with the HQ staff throughout the summer months to ready our officers for the work of ministry.



Legacy Counselors are an elite group of girls that have been nominated by their peers due to a proven track record of faithfulness to the DOLLS ministry. If you have an interest in serving as a Legacy Counselor, we advise you to make your desires known to the existing Legacy Counselors so they will know of your intentions.

Vacancies on the Legacy Counselor team are determined each year based on the number of chapters that “make” by June 1st and the number of current Legacy Counselors interested in fulfilling a subsequent year of ministry. Once a chapter count has been determined and re-commits have been received, existing Legacy Counselors are invited to nominate reputable women they would like to see fill those vacancies.



Ambassadors must:

  • Be a former 5 Main who has served a full year as an officer of DOLLS
  • Be currently enrolled in college or a trade school and between the ages of 18-25
  • Have Ability to pass a background check
  • Have a demonstrable Biblical knowledge and World View
  • Be in good standing with a local body of believers and regularly attend church gatherings
  • Be able to attend 5 Main Conference, in its entirety
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Be available for Legacy Counselor meetings, with the Chapter Director(s), periodically
  • Be in full theological agreement with the DOLLS Statement of Beliefs
  • Preferred, to have one year of college under the belt
  • Be able to provide own reliable transportation and proof of auto insurance



Legacy Counselors serve for the term length of one summer, beginning on June 1st and ending the final day of 5 Main Conference. Many Legacy Counselors choose continue their mentorship of their 5 Main into the school year, although this is not expected or required. Each spring, current Legacy Counselors are given the “first right of refusal” when determining whether or not they would like to remain in their position for an additional year.



Each summer Legacy Counselors will take part in a 2-hour training workshop to mark the start of their year of ministry. During this workshop, Legacy Counselors will meet with our Chapter Director(s) to hear the vision and direction our ministry will be taking over the next year. The aim of this workshop is to equip our Legacy Counselors to represent the ministry as mentors and guides to the next generation.



By accepting a nomination for Legacy Counselor, you will help with the following endeavors:

  • Helping to onboard your 5 Main for for their year of ministry
  • Preparing your 5 Main for attendance at 5 Main Conference
  • Assisting HQ in writing/developing session materials for conference
  • Helping DOLLS HQ as the behind-the-scenes crew leading up to 5 Main Conference
  • Attending 5 Main Conference with your 5 Main to serve as a counselor and guide
  • Supervising officer cabins throughout conference
  • Teaching several sessions during 5 Main Conference in August
  • And much moreā€¦