“It has been my honor to be affiliated with DOLLS. As a teacher, it brings me sheer joy to see students stepping up as leaders in their school. Not only are members of this club being spiritually impacted, but they are gaining valuable life skills in the process. I have seen handfuls of leaders come through the DOLLS chapter on my campus. They leave with a better understanding of how to research and prepare a speech and then present that speech effectively in front of their peers, how to lead their peers, and how to manage their time. These are all skills I teach in my classroom, but we all know that hands on experience is the best teaching tool, and that is exactly what DOLLS provides. I am proud to stand behind an organization that provides such an amazing learning experience.”

–Gale Carter, Ford MS

“Being a sponsor has changed my outlook on the young women on our campuses in the district. Being a life-long Christian, I sometimes fall into the “Christian Bubble” where I think because I am happy that everyone else is happy too, but that is not the case. God has opened my eyes to see that our young women are struggling with all sorts of temptation- drugs, sex, abuse, alcohol, etc. With that said, DOLLS is THE safe haven on our campus for many of our girls. They come on Tuesdays to worship, to fellowship, to pray, and to pour out their hearts to God. Watching a room full of young, beautiful, gentle women lift their voices in praise to God is moving. There are often times during worship where I cannot sing because I am moved to tears at how amazing our God is, and how he is moving in and on our campus. These young ladies have aided my walk with God; having been their sponsor has brought me closer to God in both prayer and faith.”

–Shannon Green, Allen HS