DOLLS provides an exceptional opportunity for your daughter to participate in bringing the gospel message to her fellow classmates, to encourage and strengthen other Christian girls, and to learn how to organize and run an effective organization. DOLLS Headquarters invests a great deal of time and resources into training our young leaders to be strong, committed, godly witnesses.

We are so grateful for the parents of our 5 Main leaders. They are raising godly young women who are passionate about spreading the gospel among their peers. That kind of boldness requires a firm grounding in Christ, as well as a balance of leadership and servant-hood. Along with the God’s divine intervention, these parents have set their daughters along the right path (“Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” Proverbs 22:6).

So YOUR daughter wants to be a 5 Main? We know you will want plenty of information about this opportunity before you agree to let your daughter come alongside us, so we have prepared this Parent Guide to 5 Main Leadership. In it you will find frequently asked questions that we have turned around and posed for the parents of our alumni officers. Their answers will bring great insight to you as you evaluate whether leadership with DOLLS is the right fit for your family. Below you will also find some important questions you may want to consider before granting your daughter permission to apply as a worker with our ministry.

5 Main Parent Guide

What is the chain of command in addressing issues that may arise?

As stated above, we recommend going first to the Word of God and pray for insight, wisdom and discernment. If another officer is involved, your daughter should first go to that person privately. If the issue is not resolved, she can go to her “Big Sis” and/or her sponsor. Finally, if the issue is still not resolved, officers should approach a DOLLS Headquarters staff member. Headquarters is here to support and love these young women through obstacles, reminding them that these moments are incredible opportunities to learn and grow in our spiritual life and leadership abilities.

What is my role, as a parent of a 5 Main officer, in the DOLLS ministry?

Truly, you are one of our greatest assets in covering our girls and this ministry in prayers of protection, wisdom, discernment and so much more! We would be so honored to have you commit to praying over each of us as our ultimate goal is to spread the word of Jesus Christ across these campuses.

Another way you can help is to volunteer at the Headquarters level. We will have several opportunities throughout the year for you to support this ministry by making our events run more successfully. Our team consists solely of volunteers who dedicate their time to making Daughters of Our Living Lord and Savior a safe and enjoyable place for these young women to grow spiritually and personally and we would GLADLY welcome your help.

You can also make a big difference for our ministry by way of your financial support. It costs us $49,000 annually to sustain the operations of this organization. Last year we fell short of this number and were forced to cut several important programs and our staff had to implement new fundraising events in order to make up for the difference. We desperately need our funding to increase in order to prevent future program cuts. Your monthly donation could help us plan effectively for future ministry opportunities.

Is parental involvement required?

We actually encourage our parents to allow their daughters to explore their own leadership abilities. The greatest support you can give would be biblical guidance by encouraging your daughter to seek wisdom from the Word of God in addressing issues that will arise.

If your daughter is a non-driver, you will need to make transportation arrangements for meetings and special events that your daughter’s chapter schedules. We encourage you to let your daughter know which days do not work with your family schedule so her team can plan accordingly. We have come to realize that it is of the utmost importance that the determined meeting time not be changed if at all possible as this can and will affect their membership numbers, so being armed with as much scheduling information as possible is a great way to start these ladies off successfully.

Are adults present at the meetings?

Yes. Each chapter has at least one teacher sponsor that will attend each meeting, both 5 Main and All-Member. Because we utilize campus facilities and resources, most school districts require that one or more of their hired campus personnel act as a monitor, or “Sponsor”, for our organization. In our experience, many of these teachers find their role sponsors to be a legal way they are able to serve their King in their jobs. One of the primary reasons school districts allow student-led clubs, like DOLLS, to operate on their campuses is because they recognize the leadership development opportunities afforded to students by such an experience. School districts have no reservations about their teachers pouring into these girls’ leadership, which allows these sponsors to make a Kingdom impact without violating any of the boundaries placed around educators regarding religious matters.


We plan throughout the year for our annual 5 Main Conference, building each year from feedback and experiences of the previous years in order to provide a rich experience for our officers. Our girls will receive in depth training regarding their officer position in the officer break-out sessions, a mini-seminary training in systematic theology, leadership intensive sessions to recognize characteristics of all great leaders and how they can implement them in their own lives, ministry operations training, a time management course, a session on conflict resolution as well as team bonding time. LINK They will leave the event with a preparation manual filled with detailed information regarding ministry with DOLLS, as well as a host of additional continuing education resources.


The girls will also attend “Boot Camp” in the Spring. This is a time when all of our campuses come together once again for refresher courses, encouragement and ideas for addressing any challenges they may be facing as a chapter, as well as a time for the girls to share with one another new ideas and activities that have been successful on their campus.


Throughout the year, our chapters will also have weekly contact with our Chapter Director via weekly mentoring emails. (and periodic WORKSHOPS they will attend). Our headquarters staff also offers book clubs throughout the summer for the girls to be a part of.

What kind of financial commitment does being a DOLLS 5 Main officer require? DOLLS Headquarters works diligently all year long to generate the necessary funding to cover the administrative costs associated with sustaining the organization such as insurance, office supplies, communication tools, and professional fees. Officer dues assist us in offsetting the remaining costs incurred by each individual officer’s participation in ministry activities. Officers are expected to pay these dues in full during the summer months prior to their year of leadership. Listed below is a breakdown of what your annual officer dues will cover.

Payment Deadlines

Officers have the option of paying their dues either 1)in full up-front, or 2)in two equal installments. Half of your dues ($147.50) are required by July 1st in order to secure your position as an officer with the DOLLS ministry. This portion is non-refundable. Full payment is due by August 1st. If full payment is not received on or before the payment deadline, the student may be withdrawn from participation as an officer and will not receive a refund of previously paid funds. A late fee of $25 will be added to any remaining balance after August 1st. To secure your position, early payments are encouraged.

Are scholarships available?

*Yes! A limited amount of financial aid money is available and is awarded using a need-based formula, awarded in amounts no greater than $200. We encourage girls to raise support from their family and friends to assist in covering the remaining cost. If you are in need of financial assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.