The process of launching a new chapter or reviving an inactive chapter of DOLLS is made possible by the hard work and dedication of student leaders known as our Start-Up Captains. The process of starting a chapter takes 4-6 months. DOLLS has designed an easy system that will guide our Captains through the Start-Up process. This tried-and-true process ensures chapter health for years to come.


How it all works

Our Expansion Season officially launches in October of every year and ends in May of the following year. The Start-Up process will take the entirety of the current school year to complete. Chapters who successfully make it through the Start-Up process can expect to launch their DOLLS ministries the following school year in August. DOLLS has a dedicated expansion team that works with our Start-Up Captains throughout the process of launching new chapters.


The process begins with an Interest Meeting! Our Chapter Director and her team would love a chance to sit down with you for coffee to explain the steps in our installation process to see if DOLLS might be a good fit for your campus. During this no-obligation meeting, we want to introduce you to other girls your age who are already part of the DOLLS movement on their campuses and answer any questions you may have about serving as one of the Start-Up Captains for your school.


If you should decide to serve as a Start-Up Captain for your campus, our Chapter Director will guide you through the two-phase Start-Up process, while helping you accomplish your list of installation requirements. You will also have the full support of the expansion team, which includes our dedicated Ambassadors, Legacy Counselors, and HQ Staff.


So what do you think?

Do you want to be a part of the revolution God is starting on public school campuses across North Texas? Do you want to leave a legacy on your campus that could last generations to come? Then click on the button below to find out how you can get involved!